Monday, February 8, 2016

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR- We're seeing RED at Pre-Shrunk 2016

Today is the beginning of Chinese Lunar New Year and we're celebrating the day with a few works from our Pre-Shrunk 2016 show that also feature the colour RED- a colour of good fortune and love (subtle mention that Valentine's Day is on February 14th this year...)

Did you know that "to the Chinese, red represents good fortune, and so around the New Year the color can be seen everywhere in Chinese cities: red lanterns hang in doorways; red paper cutouts adorn windows. And a staple of the holiday: red envelopes called hongbao in Mandarin, or lai see in Cantonese, are filled with cash and given by married people to children, unmarried relatives and friends, and employees. The sum is typically an even number, and it shouldn’t contain the number four, which is considered unlucky because it sounds like the Chinese word for death.

"The Making Hand- Brocade", 4" x 5", Oil and mixed media on board, Robin Jensen

Window Box 1, 4" x 5", Acrylic on Canvas by Lynn Johnson

In the Parking Lot Behind the Candy Store, 4" x 5", Oil on canvas by Sarah Jones

City Levels 5, 4" x 5", Oil on Board by Caitlin McGuire

Five Islands Treasure House, 4" x 5", Acrylic on Board by Kathy Richards

Red 1971 Pick-Up Truck, 4" x 5", Acrylic on Board (with glow in the dark headlights!) by Andy MacDonald
Start your new NEW YEAR off with luck and good fortune and lots of art with the colour RED!  

Saturday, February 6, 2016

CAW CAW CAWlling all Bird Lovers: Pre-Shrunk 2016

Birds are always a favourite subject for many artists to paint, especially crows or black birds since they are in such abundance this time of here around these parts. Pre-Shrunk show continues until February 13th (they make wonderful Valentine gifts), so make sure to drop by the gallery in person and see the show or visit it online HERE
Crow Alone, 4" x 5",Acrylic on Mylar mounted on board,  by Anne Clattenburg
Three Crows, 4" x 5", Acrylic on Mylar mounted on board, by Anne Clattenburg

Crow On, 4" x 5", Oil and Resin on Canvas board, by Karla Frew

First Sign of a Storm, 4" x 5"Acrylic and Ink on board by Paula Fredericks
Meeting at the Clearing, 4" x 5", Acrylic and Ink on Board by Paula Fredericks
And then of course, there are other birds out there in the Roosters and Chickens....they chirp and cluck a lot too...
Rockin' Rooser, 4" x 5",Oil on canvas by Gillian Donald
Chicken, 4" x 5", Rughooking by Mary Ledger
Chirp,4" x 5" Oil on Canva by Cathy Little

Thursday, February 4, 2016

February Showers Bring Pre-Shrunk Flowers

We're leaving winter behind and heading right into Spring in the gallery today. All this rain has to be good for something, right? Let's head to the garden! We're happy to bring you some of the "budding" works from the 2016 Pre-Shrunk show! (Don't forget you can see more works online here)

Let's start our garden promenade with these pieces by artist Paulette Melanson. Acrylic on board, the photos really don't do these pieces justice. Their colour is complex and layered, working from the beautifully rendered flowers into the abstracted garden backgrounds.

Paulette Melanson, Aster, 4"x5"
Paulette Melanson, Echinacea, 4"x5"

Next up we have works by artist Denise Cormier Mahoney from her series Flowers of Old. Created using acrylic paint, fabric collage and gold leaf these photos also don't do the work justice. When the light enters the gallery these pieces just glow! As Robert Frost said, "nature's first green is gold", and Denise's work captures that sentiment beautifully.

Denise Cormier Mahoney, Flowers of Old 1, 4"x5"

Denise Cormier Mahoney, Flowers of Old 1, 4"x5"
Next up we have work from artist Christa Specht. Christa built up the surfaces of these lovely floral pieces with fibre paste and gesso to get a fantastic texture for her pen and watercolour drawings.

Christa Specht, Blackberry Blossom, 4"x5"
Christa Specht, Iris 1, 4"x5"

We also love these paintings by artist Robin Jensen from her series The Making Hand, that feature some beautiful floral backgrounds along with her making hands. Can you spot the garden pollinator in one of Robin's pieces?

Robin Jensen, Roses, 4"x5"
Robin Jensen, Floral, 4"x5"
 Speaking of pollinators, we have this un-bee-lievable mixed media piece from artist Amber Solberg! Made from washi paper, embroidery thread, watercolour, backed fabric and flour paste. The texture is spectacular in this special piece.

Amber Solberg, Space Bee, 4"x5"

We'll end our garden tour with this oil painting by artist Briana Corr-Scott. Briana will be having a show at the gallery in May, so check in with us to see what she's been growing! 

Briana Corr-Scott, Orchid, 4"x5"

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

In Honour of Groundhog Day- Let's look at Critters: Pre-Shrunk 2016

Many of you have already heard that our local groundhog, Shubenacadie Same predicted an early Spring today, so that's good news for all of us, including the animals too! Last year was such a hard year for many of the animals, especially the birds. Of course, the bears were happy, but what about the starlings?

Bear, watercolour on paper by Annik Gaudet

Starling, acrylic and mixed media on canvas by Haven Havok

Here's just a few of the amazing "little" animals you'll find still available at our Pre-Shrunk show! Visit the show online over at our website: if you can't get in to see the show in person...but drop by if you's amazing what artists can dream up!

And now....on with the animals....
Clown Cars- Giraffe and Bear, Made using wooden shoes by artist Kim Danio

BAH!!!!!  Rug hooked sheep by Mary Ledger
Here fishy fishy!  Paper Mache fish by Marion Mazerall

Owl, watercolour and ink on paper by Jodie Hansen

Pheasant in Flight, watercolour  by Annik Gaudet

Looking for Lunch, needle felted  by Tacha Reed

Javier, mixed media on canvas board by Tara Andrews!

Raccoon , watercolour on paper by Annik Gaudet

Saturday, January 30, 2016

Visit the Produce Department: Pre-Shrunk 2016

ART is good for you! Add an extra dose of Vitamin C to your life with this selection of Pre-Shrunk miniature works of the produce variety. We love this show because of the variety of styles and mediums used to approach a similar subject matter too. Just look!

 The above works are by artist Sarah Christie - watercolour and ink on paper. Artichokes, radishes and asparagus.

Plums by George Spencer, Oil on Board

Strawberries by George Spencer, Oil on Board

Clementines by George Spencer, Oil on Board

Pears by Mary Reardon

Friday, January 29, 2016

Pre-Shrunk: To Everything, There is a Season

Today we're heading back behind the scenes of our Pre-Shrunk show with artist Colin Dorgan.

Colin made four pieces for the show in a series he called "Tiny Welcomes". This series brings together his pencil and water colour drawings with two beautiful types of wood, live edge ash and walnut.

Colin Dorgan, Safe Travels, 4"x5"

Now for the fun part, Colin was kind enough to send along some shots of how he put the pieces together.

Colin Dorgan, Tiny Welcomes

As you can see all four pieces came from the same stunning piece of live edge ash wood, that when assembled look like this:

Colin' Dorgan, Tiny Welcomes, 4"x5" each

Colin's pieces can either be hung, or thanks to the wood frames, are also able to stand on their own.

Colin Dorgan, Tiny Welcomes

Thanks to Colin for creating beautiful work and for letting us see behind the scenes! The full show is available online for viewing, but as always we recommend coming in to see it with your own eyes. The show is up until February 13th!

And here's one last piece from Colin for you to enjoy!

Colin Dorgan, Bienvenue (With an Irish Accent), 4"x5"

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Beach Walking with Pre-Shrunk: Inspired by the Sea

Pre-Shrunk is in it's 5th official day of opening today, and already well over 100 little works of art have found their new homes. However there are so many more still waiting for you to adopt them forever! Drop by in person or visit online and bring a work of art home today.

Each year a theme or colour palette emerges within the show without anyone really planning it. As expected, many of the artists from Nova Scotia and surrounding provinces are influenced by what's around them, and one thing most of us are lucky to have in common is the ocean.

Here are just a few of the works by participating artists that explored this subject matter and are a welcome reminder of the beach walks we all love so much.

 The works above are by Briana Corr-Scott, who is a reguar gallery artist at Argyle Fine Art. In fact, she is working very hard in her studio preparing for a stunning show of illustration, watercolour and oil paintings that is set to open early May.

Breaking Wave by Katharine Burns
Nova Scotia Beach by Erin Hollingshead
Kimberley Eddy reminds us of jumping the waves!
Rose Saulnier takes us on a peaceful can almost hear the waves....
Breaker  by Marlene York